Woman sues hospital after getting punched unexpectedly in the face by a patient

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Video of a mentally ill man punching an unsuspecting young woman inside Beaumont hospital in Dearborn, sparking outrage last year and now, police say he's done it again.

 "I get a call from a frantic lady who said she'd been attacked at Garden City Hospital," Attorney Majed Moughni.

The woman - telling attorney Moughni, who represented the first woman attacked - that when she stopped by the hospital to visit her father on June 27th she was attacked. 

"Out of nowhere, rushing at her, whacks her in the side of the face and she doesn't know what to do," Moughni said. 

The attorney says thankfully employees were able to tackle the man, identified as 59-year-old John Deliz... who served 77 days in jail for the first attack.

"He's a sick man. He's mentally ill Bipolar, schizophrenic. He needs help,” he said.

Moughni says Deliz keeps running away from his group home in Ypsilanti, then goes to different hospitals, apparently trying to get a hot meal and television access. 

"He's visited multi hospitals and he has a record that’s hundreds of pages long," he said. 

Moughni says Deliz has had problems since the 1970's, probate court records show a history of unstable behavior, hospital visits and Deliz's habit of wandering off. Moughni says this second attack could've and should've been prevented.

"How could we allow this same person to go around attacking vulnerable women who least expect it?"

Moughni filed a 25-thousand-dollar lawsuit against Deliz and Garden City hospital - which includes prime healthcare services and Chinok homecare. Garden City Hospital not responding to Fox 2's requests for comment Friday.

"Fortunately in both cases both of these victims made it out alive," he said. 

Moughni is hoping to help prevent a third attack but the problem now: Garden City police say they can't find Deliz.

"He doesn't need to be walking the streets. He needs to be captured and brought to justice."