Woman turns backyard to bridal bazaar in giveaway of new wedding gowns

Wedding dresses aren't cheap. Aside from the venue and maybe the food, they're probably the most expensive part of getting married. A Detroit woman is making that a little easier for brides by giving away about 100 dresses.

Megan Spens-Hanna invited us over to talk about wedding dresses. She lives in Detroit's Rosedale Park, where artists live and create art. But it's all about the brides-to-be.

"The dresses are anywhere between $600 (to) $1,000 at the store. And they're new - not used - these are brand new dresses," Spens-Hanna said.

And they're all free. As it turns out, a friend's grandmother owned a bridal shop and, when she passes away, they wanted the dresses to go to brides in need.

"Free is always a catch - no catch - this is to benefit the community," Spens-Hanna said.

It's not just the dresses: veils, headpieces, and gloves are all free for brides who need a little help to afford their special day.

The sizes run from 6 to 14 and, as for the styles, let's say they're coming back.

"Beads and poofy sleeves and bows galore," said Spens-Hanna. "The style is kind of like '80s, '90s style. However, it's coming back. That vintage style is coming back."

The dresses can and may need to be altered but she's arranged for a tailor, hairstylist, and even a florist to help the brides to be. 

"They're beautiful hand-beaded, hand-sewn dresses. (They're) brand new. They can take them and alter them as they like," said Spens-Hanna.

In all, she's giving away 100 new dresses to a good home. If you're in need, she's got it.

"If we can get them to people that need it that couldn't afford it, to get them something beautiful to wear on their special day, that would be great," said Spens-Hanna.

If you're interested in contacting Spens-Hanna about a dress, email her at m.k.spenshanna@gmail.com