Woman wants dangerous eyesore next door torn down

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For years a Detroit woman has complained to the city about the run-down house next door.  Now the eyesore has become dangerous and threatens her house.

This is not a new problem in the city of Detroit, but where your house is located will determine if there is a chance you will have these abandoned houses torn down.
"For a long time it was great, it was a family home, the community was thriving," said resident Ve'tra Ford Pettway.

But over the years Ve'tra Ford Pettway says their once beautiful east side neighborhood on St. Thomas Street in Detroit became overrun with dangerous abandoned eyesores that now surround the home that has been in their family for five generations.

Her elderly mother recently passed away fighting to get them torn down.

"People have gone into it selling drugs," she said. "They have gone into it tapping into her electricity, they have vermin."

That is in addition to the squatters, live wires and now a large tree leaning toward the home. Her family is doing their best to keep the house maintained and manicured, but they have run out of patience.

"There are still people in this in community with people around that are still here," said Pettway.  "Why should they suffer."

FOX 2 called Mayor Mike Duggan's office to ask what could be done.

FOX 2: "Can the city do anything at this point?"

"Based on where we are with our federal funds map, this area falls just outside that area and that is the hard part," said District Manager Gary Bullock.

Unfortunately, right now. Not much - and it comes down to where the house is located.

This abandoned house is owned by the Detroit Land Bank - but because it is not within the green area of the map - the boundary where federal hardest hit funds have been designated to demolish homes - it is going to have to wait.

"It seems everyone is outside the boundaries," Pettway said. "Every time you talk to someone outside the boundaries so where is the boundary?"

"The goal is to get them in the target zone," Bullock said. "That will be the mayor's next application  as we get closer, we'll move closer to I-94 in this district to address them."

In the meantime - Bullock says like they are doing with so many homeowners in the same position. The city will work to bring in crews to secure the home and police to keep the squatters and crime out.

For Pettway and her family, it is not enough but she says it is a step in the right direction.

"He came out, he took his time," Pettway said. "We are grateful and very appreciate. And we hope he can do something about it."

Unfortunately there are thousands of people in the same situation. If you want to see if your home is in the designated area and may qualify to be torn down, CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK.