Woman who lost son to drug death from Oakland County dealer shares warning

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Pictures of Joe Nederlander show happier times and not the demons he wrestled with for 10 years. 

"I know parents don't like to hear this kind of information - we have a very serious drug problem in our community," said Sue Nederlander. "My son did conceal his addiction from me and did a very good job at it."

It would be in his death where his mom Sue would learn exactly how her son kept feeding his heroin addiction. That's how Sue learned the name Kristopher Anderson. 

"Law enforcement identified him as the drug dealer that delivered drugs to my son Joe the night of July 12th, 2016," Sue said.

Anderson was just convicted in federal court on one count of conspiracy to distribute heroin laced with fentanyl. 
It was during the seven-day trial where Sue learned the depths of organized crime. Anderson was a part of a 13-member gang called "TEAM" an acronym for 'To Eat and More.' The heroin ring operated out of Clarkston, Waterford and other Oakland County communities.

When the group had heroin to sell, they would send a group text with the word 'FIRE.' 

After getting that text the customer would then meet the dealer in a public place like a shopping mall parking lot or a grocery store. 

Now that she has lost so much, Sue said she is hoping to save someone her grief. 

"Beware of the kinds of drugs that are being spread around at school," she said.

She is urging parents to have tough conversations that could save a life.  Anderson will be sentenced in the fall.