Woman's provocative pro-choice signs are selling quick in Royal Oak

Along a busy stretch of Woodward, Erin Moran is raising awareness about reproductive rights, one lawn sign at a time.

"So I posted these thinking I’d sell 10 to 20 of them," she said. "I have over 250 orders, probably 300, and there’s so many messages on my phone right now."

She got the idea to make the signs after the US Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last week ending the constitutional right to abortion.

"Actually these are for my sisters in Lansing, they asked me to get them," said Theresa Venuti who bought a batch from Moran.

"It is so bizarre and I have a little girl and it’s her future," Venuti said. "And I want to protect it as well. That’s the first person I thought of when it went down."

"For us to not have bodily autonomy is astounding and shameful and the country should be embarrassed," said one woman who bought signs.

Each sign represents the voice of someone who doesn’t agree with the Supreme Court’s decision for $8 a sign.

"Here’s $100," said customer Dorthee Baas, who bought 10. She said she's giving them to her friends for free.

"Thank you," Moran said. "Everything extra gets donated to the ACLU."

Some of the signs are tongue in cheek.

"Having the comedy in these but also having the seriousness, the purpose, the point," Moran said. "They’re all quotes I’ve seen, or heard, or put together, and I’m a graphic designer so I just made them look good."

"People sometimes think if you’re pro-choice it means you are for all abortions, this is not always true," Baas said. "I believe there should be some restrictions."

If you are interested in getting a lawn sign, you can find the business on Facebook at Signs by Erin HERE.