Wombat snuggles: Video shows adorable marsupial curled up with caregiver

Video from a wildlife caregiver in Australia proves she might just have the best job ever.

The sweet moment, filmed by Sharon Woodward, shows an affectionate wombat named Mimi enjoying a "Sunday snuggle," Woodward said.

According to Woodward’s Instagram page, she’s a caregiver for ACT Wildlife rescue and rehabilitation in Canberra.

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Wombats are native to Australia. As marsupials, their babies are born early and grow in a pouch outside the mother’s body. According to National Geographic, wombat pouches face the rear instead of the front to stop it from filling with dirt when the mother digs.

Wombats are considered "solitary herbivores" and can grow to the size of medium-sized dogs.

They’re the only animal in the world known to have cube-shaped poop.