Women caught on camera stealing $7K in vitamins from Plum Market arrested

Three out of four women, caught on camera stealing up to $7,000 in supplements and vitamins from the Plum Market grocery store in Bloomfield Township, have been arrested.

"What we see are what we call Romanian organized criminals," said Bloomfield Township Officer Nick Soley. "Ohio, Maryland, Arizona – they’ve been all over the country; at least this vehicle has."

And last week, they struck Bloomfield Township – emptying shelves at Plum Market by stuffing supplements and vitamins in their clothing. Their clothes even had modified pockets.

The incident was captured on one of the store's cameras.

"Stuffed into skirts, false pockets inside – they have pockets sewn in, and as much as they can grab," Soley said.

The women went on a spree, targeting places like Ulta, TJ Maxx, and other big-box stores.

"You'll see them look directly into the camera and then look back down and continue what they're doing," Soley said.

After their vitamin and supplement haul, they were caught by Auburn Hills police who spotted the vehicle put out by the Bloomfield Township Police Department.

Three of the four women were arrested and handed over to immigration. They were found with $23,000 worth of stolen goods, perfume, makeup, clothes, and medicine – terrorizing stores over and over again.

A fourth woman was involved but is still on the run, according to police.

"We know there's probably a resale somewhere on it, but where exactly it goes and how they resell it – that's a piece of the puzzle we haven't quite figured out," Soley said. 


Video shows four women stash $7K in vitamins in dresses at Plum Market

Four women raided the vitmain shelf at Plum Market last week -- stealing $7,000 in vitamins and supplements by hiding the merchandise in their clothes.