Video shows four women stash $7K in vitamins in dresses at Plum Market

A camera was perfectly positioned inside the vitamin aisle of the Plum Market grocery store in Bloomfield Township to capture four women stealing up to $7,000 in supplements and vitamins.

The Bloomfield Township Police Department is searching for four women who emptied the shelves at Plum Market last week by stuffing supplements and vitamins into their clothing.

According to police, around 8 p.m., four women entered the store and raided the vitamin aisle. The video released by police shows the first woman pushing a small grocery cart up to the vitamin aisle with at least one item in the basket.

A second woman, in a black dress with a white top comes up too. The first woman appears to point out an employee farther down the aisle. Once the coast was clear, they began pulling items off the shelf. 

As they're stuffing the vitamins into their clothes, a third woman wearing a long dress and a white and blue top walks up and joins them, followed by a fourth woman in a long light blue dress.

The fourth woman hands some items from her cart to the other women – who then stash the items into their skirts as well.

All four women are then standing against the row of vitamins – pulling times off the shelf and stashing them in their clothes

The fourth woman who arrived then walks away as the other three women continued pulling stuff off the shelves and hiding it in their clothes.

Then all three remaining women leave and meet elsewhere in the store.

Bloomfield Township Police said four women stole up to $7,000 in vitamins and supplements

The four women then leave together – roughly three minutes later.

According to police, the store managers in Ann Arbor and West Bloomfield have all reported similar crimes.

Bloomfield Township police are investigating the crime and anyone with information is urged to contact the Bloomfield Township Police Department at 248-433-7755.