Women charged in death of teen over body comment

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A senseless crime is the source of a family’s pain. A teenaged boy is shot and killed, now two women are charged with his murder.

“Murder first-degree premeditated. Maximum penalty, life without parole.”

25-year old Erica Osburn and 21-year old Sharnea McCoy are charged with murdering 17-year old Reginald Rose-Robinson.

“Why? That’s the only question. That’s the only thing you can say. It’s all you can ask. Why?,” said Latrice Foster, Reginald’s mother.

Grieving mothers want answers. Why would anyone shot and kill their beloved son – a student at Cambridge High School in Garden City, a basketball player, a police cadet. He was murdered Friday evening. Police say the suspects are Osburn and McCoy.

“One of them is pregnant. You were pregnant shooting. You’re pregnant so how could you? That just shows, what remorse did you have for your child? You have a child that’s coming. How would you feel?” said Taquanda Foster, Reginald’s mother.

“It has to stop. We’re losing too many of our babies over stupidity,” said Latrice.

Robinson’s parents say Friday evening, he and his friends were at a party store at Meyers and Plymouth, when someone made a remark about one of the women having a large backside. Prosecutors say there was a heated exchange between Robinson and McCoy. Police say a short time later, McCoy drove Osburn by the teens – who were walking along Plymouth Road – and Osburn opened fire on Reginald Rose-Robinson.

“You took my baby. My baby,” said Taquanda. “My baby at 17, my baby is gone.”

His parents say he was an innocent victim.

“It wasn’t even him. It wasn’t even any of the boys he was with, none of his friends or anything,” said Latrice. “There was another gentleman in the store who made a comment about the heavier set girl that went in the store. The boys laughed. They did that. When did laughing become a reason to take someone’s life?”

The women were denied bond and remain behind bars.