Women form club in metro Detroit to surprise moms with wine, other gifts during COVID-19

Thousands of women are spreading cheer (and wine) in one metro Detroit community. 

They call themselves the Sisterhood of the Traveling Wine Club. They operate in the Plymouth-Canton area, ringing doorbells and leaving gifts to bring some much-needed relief to moms at the end of a stressful day. 

"They're at home with their kids and they're not only mom now, they're mom, they're teachers, they're still doing their jobs," Tracy Murley said.

The group started out with about 30 women who got the idea from some moms in Midland, Mich. And now the group's exploded in popularity within the last week. 

"It went from Tracy's 32, I think it went over a thousand last week and then I think it's over 2,000 now," said Lyssa McKlenahan. 

The rules are simple. If you've been "wined", return the favor and then post the photo in the group. You can even add wine preferences. Some ladies are also receiving margaritas and vodka instead, but any liquid is allowed. 

"Some of the women don't drink but they wanted to be involved, so they were doing coffee," McKlenahan said. 

The group also chooses some moms to feature each week, like teachers, nurses and healthcare workers. And some women nominate others who need a little pick-me-up.

"We had somebody that nominated their friend because their friend's father passed away. And they just wanted to give them some joy and cheer," McKlenahan said. 

And it isn't just these moms enjoying the ding-dong-ditching, their kids are getting a kick out of it as well.

"They scream there's someone walking up to the door with a bag! And they get all excited when they see all the candies and stuff in the bag," McKlenahan said. 

And for the front porches that have cameras? "I've just started waving to them because I usually come after work and I have heels on so there's no way I'm going to beat the camera so I wave," Murley said.

The message is one of encouragement, while also a reminder to unwind.

"Just telling them they're thinking of them and they hope that it brings a little bit of happiness to their day or week," McKlenahan said.

The group only plans to stay in the Plymouth-Canton community so no one goes without a gift, but these ladies encouraging moms in other cities to start their own wine club to continue to spread the love. 

 "We will get through this and we'll get through it together."