Women steal from disabled veterans store on video

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Westland police are looking for a pair of women who stole from a disabled veteran store - the crime caught on video.

Police say back on July 29th the two women stopped into The Disabled American Veterans store on Middle Belt pretending to be shopping.

"Dishonest, it shows a lack of morals, in bad taste and clearly illegal," said Sgt. Robert Wilkie, Westland police.

"I feel kind of sad for them because if you're going to steal from a place that is dedicated to helping people - it's sad," said Linda Kastl, store manager.

Although the register they reached into was empty and not in use at the time, the deceptive duo was filling their cart with different items.

"They were very brazen with what they did," Wilkie said. "They were not intimated to get caught.

"They picked out what they wanted and when they saw the coast was clear they proceeded to the employees only area which was clearly marked behind these display cases."

One of those items was a Chanel purse. Store manager Linda Kastl usually keeps an eye out, but she says, she was busy on the other side of the store.

Kastl says when she helped another customer she noticed the pink tag and purse gone. She says when she went to confront the two thieves outside -- they acted angry and annoyed.

"Like I was accusing them of something they didn't do, and it was clearly visible it on the video that they did do it," Kastl said.

Kastl, who then called police, said the thieves with no shame took off in a newer model Ford Edge cream or white colored with a handicapped license plate.

Kastl is deeply disappointed.

"For every loss that we have, that means less for programs to help our veterans."