Women's Team USA Hockey at world championship in Plymouth

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An International Women's Hockey World Championship is happening in Plymouth, but Team USA almost didn't show up.

FOX 2: "How serious were you of boycotting this tournament?"

"Yeah, we were dead serious," said team captain Meghan Duggan

On March 15th Women's Team USA announced it would boycott the championship over financial and support issues. 

"Sometimes when you're a guy you've got understand the money has to go to two places," said Gregg Krupa, Detroit News hockey writer. "And I think that's demonstrated time and time again."

But Tuesday night a settlement with the league that would guarantee women's hockey players will get $70,000 a year, up to $100,000 during Olympic years, upgraded airfare and accommodations similar to men, and the establishment of a Women's High Performance Advisory Group that would promote women's hockey. 

"This was about our program from the U18 level all the way up to the national level," Duggan said.

"The guys jumped in, Major League Baseball players jumped in, it was good to see."

But with all these negotiations is team USA ready to defend its world championship?

"They know why they're here, there's not any residual effect that I can see or feel," said Robb Stauber, team coach. "And they're here to defend their world championship."

That championship will take place Friday night, in Plymouth against Canada.  But could this settlement be bigger than the game?

"Now, when a little girl asks her parents can I make a living playing hockey they can say yes," Krupa said.