Worker killed by cement saw while trying to remove pool in Troy

A construction worker who was sawing through cement to remove an in ground pool in Troy died Wednesday when he lost control of his cement saw.

The employee, who has not been identified, was working at a home in the 600 block Sylvanwood Drive Wednesday to remove the pool when he lost control of the saw and it cut into his throat, killing the man.

Joe Lew owns the home and contracted the company to come out and do the work. He told FOX 2 that he didn't even know about the accident until Thursday.

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"In fact I call them this morning and he broke the news to me," Lew said.

The 39-year-old worker from Canton was using a portable saw to remove Lew's in ground pool. Troy police say the saw kicked up and cut his throat. He died at the scene.

Lew says tenants live in the home but he found out about the incident when he went to court Thursday morning and a building department employee told him. Lew was in court to take care of a ticket he was issued for the in-ground pool being "in severe disrepair".

Charlene Chynowerh lives nearby and said that the project has been in the works for a while.

"They have been taking that pool out for about two weeks," Chynowerh said. "I heard the jackhammering the cement. It's a process, because I know people who have done it and it something you just don't do overnight."

Another neighbor who has worked with concrete in the past says saws can be dangerous.

"They have guards and things on them but if you're in a compromising position with the saw and it kicks back or something unexpected happens, then you could get seriously injured," Matt Mikiczennko said.

Because it was a construction incident, MIOSHA must come out and investigate. If they determine there was something wrong with the situation the worker was in, the company could face violations.

"I feel bad. Right now I'm going to install a fence, make sure it will be safe for everybody," Lew said.

Calls to the worker's landscaping company went unanswered.  His name and the name of the company have not been released.