World War II mine detonated off coast of Croatia

Dramatic footage shows the moment a World War II mine which was found off the coast of Rijeka, Croatia in June was finally detonated in a separate location on Sunday, March 19, according to local police. 

Police said the German-made anti-ship mine contained 690 kilos of explosives and was discovered at a depth of 19 meters partially buried at the bottom of the port last June. 

Because of the near by residential buildings, the mine had to be transported to another location to be exploded. 

Authorities used balloons to raise the mine to a sustainable depth and moved it until they detonated it away from the land. 

Local media reported some local residents were evacuated the evening before the detonation, while transport facilities were suspended and shops were closed.

Video released by the Croatian Ministry of Internal Affairs shows the explosion.

Storyful contributed to this report. It was reported from Los Angeles.