World's oldest person, Inkster's Jeralean Talley, dies at 116

"She loved to cook when she was able to," said her daughter Thelma Hollowell. "When she was young she enjoyed bowling, enjoyed fishing. When her sisters were living they enjoyed sewing, they had a sewing club together."  

She was born in Georgia in 1899 - one of 11 siblings. She grew up on the family farm - picking cotton and peanuts. She moved to Inkster in 1935, a year later she married her husband Alfred. The two had a 52-year marriage until he died at the age of 95. 

They had one child, Thelma, who is 77.

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"Have faith in the good Lord up above," Thelma said. "That's all I can tell you. That is what she told me."

Known as Mother Talley, she rolled out in a limousine on May 23rd, her 116th birthday.When she was named the World's Oldest Person in May, her family said she didn't believe in diets and would often reach for junk food and drink pop.