Wrapped in Love offers clothing, accessories and dignity for women battling cancer

"She had given up she felt like she looked too bad in her state of illness," said Karen MacDonald. 

Karen remembers how her mom suffered in her final days. Her battle with non-Hodgkins lymphoma taking a toll on her health - her body and her happiness.

"I felt terrible because I knew it would be her last holiday with us - I thought what can I do," she said.

Karen went home made a makeshift wrap, attached a flower pin, and put a little makeup on her mom - a simple fix that would make a world of difference.

"I saw such a difference in her even for a limited amount of time," she said. "But I saw her smile the nurses said it as well it means so much for patients to maintain their dignity because they go through so much."

That experience inspired Karen to quit her public relations career of 30 years and create Wrapped in Love - a line of clothing and accessories she has designed to provide comfort style and most importantly dignity for cancer patients.

"I design clothes according to the challenges they have," Karen said. "There is headwear for hair loss, chemo port accessible clothing, whatever makes them feel better. If they feel better without anything on their head more power to them." 

She says women face so many challenges as they go through treatment to recovery. 

"Most have limited ability after surgery so putting on clothing is a challenge just like shoulder surgery most of my designs you can out over your shoulders this one tucks right in," she said.

All of her items are made in Michigan and can make a perfect gift or care package to let someone know you are supporting them during their treatment.

Just like her mom, it might just give patients the comfort and confidence boost, they need.

"I know she would be very proud that I am able to help others too," Karen said. "I just love it and my dad told me when I started this how proud he was and how my mom would be. They both are now."

To learn more, go to: wrappedinlove.com