Wyandotte police respond to 6 hit-and-run crashes in 4 days

Wyandotte police handled six hit-and-run crashes that happened in a span of four days beginning Jan. 20.

Out of the six crashes, police have made five arrests. Alcohol was a common factor in the crashes.

Police said one of the crashes involved a driver who crashed into a pole, switched seats with his passenger, and left the scene. When police pulled over the pair for speeding, officers determined the original driver was drunk. He also had cocaine on him.

"We got a lot of bars in Wyandotte, so there is a lot of traffic coming down Northline and Fort Street," said Jamie McDonald, who lives near the scene of that crash.

Another crash involved a driver who hit a woman stopped at a red light at Fort and Eureka. He got out of his vehicle, yelled at the woman, then took off.

"I’m not completely surprised, unfortunately. There are a lot of bars in the area and this is a busy spot, Fort and Eureka," said Renee Simmons, who works at Thrifty Florist at the intersection. She said she hears screeching tires often.

Some other crashes include a driver who rolled his car on its roof and ran away, a man who drove home after crashing but was caught because a fluid trail led police to his home, and a 17-year-old who fled police after leaving the scene of a crash.