Yoga, spin, karate and more outside classes held at Detroit parks

As the Governor's Executive Order keeps gyms closed for now to help slow the spread of COVID 19, some workout enthusiasts are making plans for when they reopen.

"I can definitely see myself shifting ... I'm at a pretty large gym right now, to a smaller gym," said Morgan Stoewsand-Kryscio.

But as Morgan waits for that day, she's found an alternative workout space at Beacon Park next to the restaurant where she works and it's all thanks to The Downtown Detroit Partnership.

"The park has been hosting yoga classes and an array of fitness classes," said Kryscio.
"We are offering free fitness programs throughout the summer," said Laura Dean. "When people arrive on-site, they are wearing a mask before class starts and applying those masks again once the workout has ended.

"We are also maintaining 10 feet of physical distance, so a little bit over that 6 feet mark."

The workouts include not only yoga but spin, karate, and boxing classes at parks that include Capital Park and Grand Circus Park.

"Citizen Yoga right downtown at Capital Park and at Grand Circus Park workout with Patti Dukes well known in the fitness community," Dean said.

All ages are welcome to most of the workouts and it is free and open to everyone

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