'You won't see the bullet coming': Ohio woman accused of threatening Michigan representatives

An Ohio woman is facing charges after officials say she left threatening and racist voicemails for Michigan representatives.

Sandra Bachman, 58, of Batavia, Ohio, is accused of calling Rep. Sarah Anthony in May 2021 and leaving a voicemail.

"Hay um, need to cancel that bill against the vets, you little traitor. And, um, you won’t see the bullet coming, let me tell you that. So, stop this sh*t, and you’re fired. We’ll be coming to Michigan soon to remove you from your post," Bachman is accused of saying.

She is also accused of leaving a racist voicemail for Rep. Cynthia Johnson in June 2021.

"Well, baby-doll, n***a lip b***h, monkey, we are going to get you. You will die. You are one of the worst offenders. We actually have a tier too, in like points for how much you are worth once we kill you.... You’re going to die, and I’m happy about it. The whole world will be rejoicing, just know that. Sleep well," she allegedly said.

Bachman is charged with one count of false report or threat of terrorism, one count of ethnic intimidation, and two counts of telecommunications services. She will be arraigned March 31.

"This rise in threats against elected officials will not be tolerated," Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said. "Those who think hiding behind a phone or keyboard will prevent them from facing criminal charges are severely mistaken. I appreciate the work done across state lines to bring accountability in this case."