Young man with special needs killed in robbery on city's west side

A young man with special needs was fatally shot during a robbery on Detroit's west side and police are asking for help finding the suspect.

The 24-year-old victim, Daran Burkes, was walking on Fenkell near Ardmore early Sunday evening when witnesses say he was shot from behind.

Police at the scene tell us the suspect then stole anything of value from the victim and got away.

"He had cerbral palsey and they stated that he would never walk or talk but he graduated from high school, he worked," said his mother, Janice Burkes.

Burkes says she couldn't have be more proud of her son -- a cheerful kind young man.

Witnesses of the crime captured the aftermath live on Facebook.

The suspect fired three rounds in broad daylight.

He's described as 6'1", slim build, dark complextion with short dreads or braids. He was wearing a striped shirt and gray sweat pants.

"My son was innocent. He didn't bother nobody. He was very kind. ... (For) somebody to just strike him down and shoot him for nothing, it doesn't make sense," Burkes said.

Plenty of witnesses, but no one has been able to identify the shooter..

As for a motive, right now it's unclear.

But police and the victim's family believe the shooter may have targeted the wrong man.

"It could have been. I really don't know but I hope whoever did this -- somebody will speak up," Burkes said.

Anonymous tips can be made to Crime Stoppers at 1-800-SPEAKUP.