Young mass shooting survivors urge state lawmakers for gun safety law package

One month after the shooting at Michigan State University, students are reacting to action on gun laws as youth from across the state gathered to protest.

"This is our blood on your hands," said Julia Begley.

Young voices, directly impacted by mass shootings in Michigan speak out Tuesday as state lawmakers, work to pass an 11-bill gun safety package this week.

The bills backed by Democrats, were mostly drafted in the wake of the Oxford High School shooting. Sophomore Julia Begely was at the school that day.

"I spent 10 minutes crouched on a toilet seat with two other girls," she said. "I held the hands of them as I tried to block out the screams and gunshots ringing through the halls and shaking the stall door.

"To this day, I have not been able to block out those sounds."

The Zoom press conference was assembled by the End Violence Michigan Coalition.

The package this group is supporting includes – three highlights: Background checks on all gun purchases, safe storage, and red flag legislation.

Michigan State University Student, Joseph Kesto says the shooting at his schools could have been prevented.

"Yesterday was officially one month later, and today walking through the hallway I still did not feel safe," said Kesto.

If the bill passes – background checks would be performed on all gun purchases requiring a license to own a firearm - and that includes rifles and shotguns.

Safe storage laws – requires gun owners to securely store them away from minors.

And the establishment of extreme risk protection orders AKA – red flag laws to allow family members or friends to petition the court to remove guns from people who might harm themselves or others.

"There should have been laws to prevent the occurrence of gun violence set in motion to protect Arielle, Brian and Alexandria," Kesto said.

When nearly the same package of bills – came up in the legislature…it was blocked by Republicans who controlled the state legislature at that time.

Things are different now with the Democrats in the majority.