Ypsilanti woman discovers cousin fatally shot inside SUV

A 28-year-old man was found dead, slumped behind the wheel of an SUV at an Ypsilanti apartment complex.

"It's just hurting and I feel her pain," said Lolitha O'Day.

It wasn't the sound of gunshots or a car crashing into her front porch that first alerted O'Day to what happened to her cousin right outside her front door.

"People calling my phone and asking questions like are you all OK? And beating on my door, waking me up," she said.

Dominique Lee had been shot in the head, slumped over the wheel of his car, which had slammed into the porch of a Ypsilanti apartment building.

"I have been crying all day. I just can't cry no more," O'Day said.

At the time, O'Day says she didn't know who the victim was, but she knew it was someone's child.

Then she found out the victim was her cousin, bringing this murder even closer to home.

"He was a good boy. I mean every boy do whatever they do. But he was a good respectable boy," O'Day said.

The victim had just been released from prison 8 months ago. He was serving time for an armed robbery conviction back in 2006 back in Washtenaw County.

The circumstances of his death are being investigated as a homicide but at this point no arrests have been made.