'Love you guys no matter what': 9-year-old writes heartfelt letter to MSU football team

A 9-year-old lifelong fan is spreading kindness with an encouraging, heartfelt note for the Michigan State football team and the Spartan community. 

After losing the last five games, the 4-6 Spartans received a note of encouragement from a sweet young fan. Dr. Ben Hartnell tweeted a letter from his 9-year-old son Fraser, who spent four days working on this message to tell Coach Mark Dantonio, quarterback Brian Lewerke and Spartan fans worldwide just what they mean to him. 

Fraser says he's been a Spartan fan "all of my nine years," and it runs in the family -- his grandpa went to MSU, his dad went to MSU, and he hopes to go to MSU someday. He goes on to say that his dad writes a letter to people who are sad, and he thinks the Spartans may be in a need of a smile.

To Coach Dantonio, he writes:

"When my Grandpa died, you sent a letter to my Grandma and a letter to my Dad. You do not know my Grandma or my Dad, but you knew they were sad and wanted to see them smile. I have not seen my dad cry many times, but he cried when he got your letter. That was very nice of you."

And to quarterback Brian Lewerke:

"I play quarterback and have the same haircut as you! I like how you never give up. You broke your leg and hurt your shoulder but you came back. I like when you throw a TD and run with both arms in the air. I know it hurts to throw interceptions, but I have done it too. We all throw interceptions. I did not give up because you can't be a good QB if you quit if you do that."

And to Spartan fans:

"I like wins but it is not all in life. There are a lot of things sadder than losing a game. Some people don't have homes and live on the street in the cold. Some people are very sick with disease. Some people are in the Army or Navy and can die so we can watch a game. So if your team loses a game, be sad for a few minutes but then remember you are alive. Games are supposed to be  FUN but they are just games."

Lewerke saw the kind message, replying: "Man if this isn’t the reason to play the game, I don’t know what is. Thanks Fraser, you definitely put a smile on my face!!" 

Take a moment of your day to read the whole thing, you won't regret it. Sometimes it takes a different perspective to put things in a new light.