SportsWorks: Dan Miller, Greg Kampe & Tim McCormick

FOX 2's Sports Director Dan Miller was joined by Greg Kampe & Tim McCormick to talk about Michigan and Michigan State heading into the NCAA Tournament.  Coach Kampe said Michigan got a great draw even though they aren't heading to Detroit.  Tim agrees with Coach Kampe and says they are in a place with no distractions.  They both gave their predictions on how far Michigan can go and their reasons why.

Michigan State was next on the docket as the crew broke down their chances.  Tim talks about the drama in East Lansing off the court and how they got away for spring break.  Coach Kampe says he's never seen a 29 win team get so scrutinized.  Both guys talked about the bracket and gave their predictions on how far Michigan State can go.

The panel gave their Final Four predictions and broke down the whole tournament.

Coach Kampe ended the show talking about Oakland and looked to the future of the Golden Grizzlies next season.

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