SportsWorks: Dan Miller, Jamie Samuelsen & Sean Baligian

FOX 2's Sports Director Dan Miller was joined by Jamie Samuelsen & Sean Baligian on the roundtable as they talked Tigers and their three-game losing streak after blowing a late lead Sunday.  Jamie says it's a good thing they are still frustrated by bad losses.  Sean talks how the division is bad, but this team is better than they thought.  The crew also said who might be their best trade prospects and what they might be able to get back, plus they broke down who is part of the future of the team.

Next on the rundown was the Lions' and what Marvin Jones could do for the team this year, plus what the other receivers could do this upcoming season.  They also talked what this team could do this upcoming season in the NFC North. 

Michigan was next and they talked about Charles Woodson's comments on the Ohio State game.  The crew dissected what that meant and if Jim Harbaugh doesn't put enough emphasis on the rivalry games.

The NHL Playoffs were up and Las Vegas' run to the Stanley Cup and how improbable it was.  They also talked about the Capitals and if they can pull out this series against the Lightning.  

A Pistons update was last on the rundown Sunday night and what they are missing right now without having long-term management in place.

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