WATCH: James McCann and his wife talk emotions of birth complications

FOX 2's Jennifer Hammond caught up with James McCann and his wife Wednesday about the complications during the birth of their twins.

McCann and his wife Jessica had twin boys Dec. 6 in Tennessee, but they were born over two months before the due date and weren't able to go home until late January.

"It was draining on a lot of different counts," McCann said. "You don't ever really think about something like that, going through it. Then going through it, seeing your babies attached to machines, it's not easy to look at. It's tough to see your child going through it, knowing that there's nothing you can do to help."

Now McCann has his sons Christian and Kane with him in Florida - he found out only recently that they'd be able to make the trip.

"Basically didn't know until Thursday of last week. It was, hurry up and get packed to leave - but they're doing great," McCann said. "It makes it a lot better to be able to go home and see my family, where I'm not doing it through FaceTime."