Where to eat and drink at Ford Field for Lions games

Detroit Lions playing field at Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions football team in Detroit, Michigan on October 12, 2017. (Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

The Lions are back and so are the fans! With a new quarterback and front office, the faithful will be loud at Ford Field. But you gotta make sure you're at Ford Field early to take advantage of the concessions.

Discounts on concessions at Ford Field

When the gates open for the Lions game, two hours before the game starts, you can get some great prices on food and drinks through the Silver Savings. 

You can get a pop for $2, a hot dog for $2, beer for $3, and a cocktail for $3. That's for the first 60 minutes after the doors open at select locations - specifically, Streats (sections 109, 124, 126, 130, 137, 217, 223, 227, 229, 238, 244), SZ at section 117. Bud LIght Party Zone, Social D, WynnBet (formerly Corner Bar and Grille at section 224).

How to order concessions on your phone

Ok - this is pretty cool. When you're at the game, you can order food on your phone and skip those long lines and just pick up your items. This is great for families or for people who don't want to miss the game.

To order from your seat, get the Detroit Lions mobile app, tap Game Day from the bottom menu and then tap mobile ordering. Once there, you can enter your information, select what you want to eat, and then pay with your phone. You'll then get a concourse section number for where to pick up. Head to that section and find the pick up counter. 

It's so simple. 


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When the Lions run through the tunnel at Ford Field, they'll have a new quarterback, head coach, and front office. And that's just the beginning.

Where to get food at Ford Field

Across all three levels of the stadium, there is no shortage of food options. On the main concourse, you can get BBQ on both ends of the stadium. At section 139 is Billy Sims BBQ and at section 115 is Slows BBQ. Both Detroit legends, in their own right.

If you're looking for a sandwich, Paradise Deli at section 105 has what you need. Burgers are at Big Boy at sections 108 and 127, you can pick up a hot dog at Coney Island Dog at section 134, or sausages at Poletown in sections 103 and 120.

Of course, you've gotta have pizza and Hungry Howie's is in three locations on the main concourse - sections 111, 123, and 131. 

Scroll down for where to get your beer, cocktails, and beverages. We're gonna head upstairs next.

If you're on the upper level and craving some grub, don't go back downstairs. The upper level has some the same choices. 

On the upper level, Slows is set up at 210, Tailgate Grill is sections 219, 235, and 242, Bib Boy is at section 230, and Hungry Howie's is at section 226.

The Club Level has Wahlburgers at section 209 but also in the Gridiron Club. Coney Island Dog has another spot here too, at section 213, Bigalora has pizza at section 212, and Corridor Sausage is at section 203.

Where to get beer and cocktails at Ford Field

You get to the game and you're a bit thirsty. Nothing like an ice cold beer or cocktail. There are plenty of options so if you find a place with a long line, move on to the next one.  

From Bud Light to Miller Light to craft beers, Ford Field has plenty of options for the beer fan. Just like with food, we're going to run through places to get drinks on the main concourse first.

Beer on the main concourse

The Bud Light Stand is at Section 102, 123, 125, 129, 137, and 141.

Turf Tavern is at sections 105, 128, and 132.

Miller Lite has stands at sections 102, 112, 123, 126, and 129.

If craft beer is for you, the next few paragraphs are what you're looking for.

Craft Corner has craft beer at section 114 and nearby is Blue Moon which has craft beer at sections 120, 132, and 137. 

Just around the corner from there is Leinenkugel Stand and the Shock Top Draft Cart which are in section 123 with more craft beer options. At section 125 is the Beer of the Game and at 127 is the M43 Stand for more craft beer. 

Modelo Stand is at section 131 and Mane St. Saloon is at section 133 followed by Labatta Can Stand at section 134.

And to complete our trip around the main concourse is Michigan-based Bell's. They've got craft beer at section 140.

Cocktails on the main concourse

Cocktail Cube is available at sections 101, 112, 114, 135.

You can also get Premium Cocktails at section 103.  There's also cocktails available at Bar 35, which is in sections 106, 121, and 124.

Seagrams is set up in section 134 for cocktails and Bar has cocktails at section 137 too.


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Beer on the upper level

Just like the main concourse, Bud Light has stands throughout this level. They're at sections 216, 219, 228, 242, 245, and 247. 

Stella Artois will have a cart in section 217.

At section 226 is the only spot for Coors Light at Ford Field. 

Just a few sections away, at 235, is the Miller Lite Taproom which is also next door to the Turf Tavern.

Corona Stand has beer at 241 and Labatt Can Stand is at section 245.

Cocktails on the upper level

Bar 35 is upstairs too! With locations at 212, 222, and 228 you can find the cocktail you're searching for.

Seagrams is set up nearby in section 218.

There's another cocktail bar at section 219 and 243, too. 

Cocktail Cube also has two locations upstairs at sections 231 and 239. 

Beer on the club level

There's only one location for beer on the club level and that's at East Pub & Cafe in section 214 - right next door to the hall of legends.

Cocktails on the club level

Club 200 Bar is at section 200 with cocktails, Detroit Spirits is at section 205, South Club Bar is at section 207, and Detroit Bloody Mary Bar is at section 209. All four locations are cocktail options on this level.