31 dogs rescued from Texas kennel, officers say owner left them behind

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Photo credit: Chamber County Sheriff’s Office

UPDATE - 8/31, 11:48 am: Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform posted on their Facebook page Wednesday morning that the Chambers County Sheriff's Office's claims about Kevin Miller are false.

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Despite the owner reporting no more animals needed rescuing, a county sheriff's office says it rescued another 31 dogs left at a Texas kennel.

On Monday, Aug. 28, the Chambers County Sheriff's Office reported that all animals had been rescued from the Tall Tails kennel in Hankamer via airboat, along with kennel owner Kevin Miller.

The following evening, Chambers County Sheriff Brian Hawthorne reported another 31 dogs were rescued. When Miller was evacuated on the last airboat trip from the property, he stated no other animals needed rescuing, officials say. But they say Miller’s partner began posting on Facebook that animals had been left behind.

Two groups volunteered airboats to the sheriff’s office for the rescue mission so the office could use theirs to continue to rescue Chambers County citizens.

“Sheriff's Office Detectives that were assisting in the rescue identified what appeared to be numerous fighting dogs and that Miller appeared to care more about receiving PayPal donations than he did about the dogs or his imperiled neighbors, waiting to be rescued,” the office wrote in a post.

You can watch a video of that first rescue with the dogs on air boats below:

On Sunday, Miller took to Facebook to ask for help from the flooding, saying his area had received over a foot of water overnight.

Then on Monday, Miller posted a video of the airboat rescue as well: