Friday weather in metro Detroit starts with poor air quality, includes severe weather chances

Metro Detroit woke up to hazy skies Friday morning following a productive evening of fireworks and other Fourth of July festivities.

In fact, enough smoke was leftover from the fireworks that people set off that air conditions in Southeast Michigan are very unhealthy - which could make for tough breathing for sensitive groups.

According to AccuWeather, even healthy individuals could be dealing with difficulty breathing outside.

And that's not the only inclement weather that could spice up conditions for the region on Friday and the rest of the weekend. The National Weather Service says there's a good chance of showers or thunderstorms by late day Friday.

Chances for severe weather will fall as we head into Saturday. 

The main hazard that could accompany the weather is wind gusts and possible hail not more than an inch in diameter. 

The most likely time frame when severe weather could roll in is between 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. on Friday. The system bringing the rain will be moving west to east around 40 mph.

Temperatures will fluctuate between the 70s and 80s this week with Saturday being the coolest.


Michigan air quality map shows pollutants in atmosphere over metro Detroit

There are over 30 active wildfires in Canada right now and some of that smoke is already creating air quality issues in Michigan and the Midwest.