Georgia homes targeted by burglars during storm

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Residents in Cobb County said close to a dozen garages and cars were broken into or rummaged through in several neighborhoods, Monday, as storms from the remnants of Hurricane Irma blew through the metro Atlanta.

"I heard some banging on the door. I thought it was the storm. I opened up the door to a couple of cop cars and a policeman at the door," said Joel Holmes, who said police told him his car and his garage were broken into, at the West Village community in Cobb County.

Holmes said a tool box, items, knick knacks, and other small items were taken from his car and his garage. A neighbor said he witnessed the ordeal and called 911.

Neighbors said they were surprised by the bold burglars, as most people chose to stay home to safely ride out the storm. Neighbors said others in surrounding communities around Atlanta Road and Interstate 285 also reported car break-ins or garages entered.

"What could have happened? What if my daughter opened the door if I opened the door?" Holmes said, grateful that his family was okay and never confronted the burglars.

Police said they could not release any information about the culprits, Tuesday night.

Officers advise people to not let their guard down as they are home, this week, with schools and some workplaces still closed.

Police said to avoid leaving cars and garages open, even if for short periods of time; officers also advise homeowners to be vigilant as power outages still affect the Metro, and can affect burglar alarms.

Officers advised residents if they must leave their homes during a power outage, to ask a trusted person to check on it frequently.

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