Isolated rain possible Wednesday, more rain and higher temps expected for Woodward Dream Cruise

Wednesday's forecast is shaping up to be a "rinse and repeat" kind of day.  

Like Tuesday, we will build our high temperatures into the lower 80s with little to no humidity. The shower chance is elevated again in the afternoon, with a rumble of thunder possible through the later evening hours.  

The rain is moving in from the east again, thanks to a low pressure area on the coast - a strange but not all that uncommon weather pattern for us.

Thursday and Friday will be calmer and sunnier as the temperatures build each day. Thursday will be in the mid-80s while Friday will get into the upper 80s (well, right about 86 degrees).

This weekend is Dream Cruise weekend, and unfortunately it comes with a higher rain threat. 

Saturday will be the better of the two days weather-wise, with some spotty showers or a storm possible. Highs will be near 86 but as the humidity creeps up it will feel closer to 90.  

Sunday's rain/storm pattern looks wetter for longer, meaning it could be a more weather-impacted day. 

It's still too early to get into specifically what you should plan for... but all signs are pointing toward a messier day.