Metro Detroit severe weather: High winds, large hail threats in Wednesday's forecast

The summer storm season continues on Wednesday with a high chance for severe weather. Let's get right to it:

Our atmosphere is ripe for storms to develop over the next 36 hours. Heat and humidity continue to pump in from the south as temperatures rise to the upper 80s and lower 90s. 

A series of fronts will pass over us beginning Wednesday and picking back up again on Friday. Each day has a chance for active weather but right now all eyes are on Wednesday.

Severe thunderstorm risk

The Storm Prediction Center has us in what's classified as an enhanced risk for severe weather. 

Right now the primary threats are strong, gusty winds over 60 mph, another round of large hail (golf ball size possible), and even a chance for an isolated tornado. It is a day to take seriously.

Storm timeline

As of now, the timing is a little broad with the window of severe weather between 3-11 p.m. It's looking like there might be two distinct windows of opportunity for storms to roll through, one near 3 p.m. and another near 8 p.m. But we'll all need to be aware of the weather throughout the course of the afternoon and evening in general as a storm could build pretty quickly.

If you are headed to the Beyoncé concert in Downtown Detroit on Wednesday evening, please have the FOX 2 Weather app downloaded on your phone. If any severe weather targets your GPS location downtown, you will get an alert and can take action accordingly.

Wednesday's storms are due to warm fronts lifting through the area, which are historically hard to pinpoint location. In that case, we all have a threat to see some nasty thunderstorms.

As we head into Friday, the threats appear to be slightly more confined to strong gusty winds and hail as a cold front will push through. Cold fronts can indeed generate strong lines of thunderstorms, and we are expecting that Friday evening. Expect a cool down heading into the weekend.