September's warm temperatures: why they're here and if they'll stick

It's still technically summer, but not for long. The first day of autumn is next week -- Friday, September 22.

Our seven day forecast until then looks good, in terms of the temperature. It hasn't always been that way, though, for the month of September. In fact, the month has kind of been split.

The first 10 days of the month we saw an average high temperature of 71 degrees, which is below average. Following that, the average high temperature is now getting up to 78.

Why's is so nice and warm out there right now, anyway? Will it stick around?

The first 10 days of September were cooler because the jet stream was reaching farther south. Now, high pressure from Hurricane Irma has pushed up the jet stream farther north allowing those temperatures to rise.

Good news from the FOX 2 Weather Authority team, though (unless you're ready for fall) -- the warmer temperatures look like they'll be sticking around for the rest of September, and even into the first week of October.