2 DIY Holiday Gifts from Joann Fabrics

If you've vowed to make a handmade Christmas present but don't know where to get started, don't worry we have you covered. We have some gift ideas thanks to Melanie Hambrick from Joan Fabrics that take less than two hours to make! Below you can find the directions including the list of items you will need to make these cute inexpensive gifts.

Fur Cowl:
Supplies & Tools:
- 1/2 yard fur fabric
- Sewing machine
- Basic sewing supplies

Seam allowance 1/2 unless otherwise stated.
1. Sew fabric right side together lengthwise.
2. Turn right-side out. Fold raw edges under and hand stitch cowl closed.


Cozy Wine Bottle Wrap:
Supplies & Tools:
-1.2 yard fur fabric
-3/4 yard burlap trim
-1 yard jute cord
-Sewing machine
-Basic sewing supplies

Seam allowance 1/2" unless otherwise stated.
1. Cut fur 13" x 32".
2. Cut the burlap trim into two 13" pieces.
3. Sew the burlap trim pieces to the right side of the fur 2-1/2" from each end of the fur.
4. Fold the fur right sides together and sew the sides, leaving the end with the burlap trim open.
5. Box the bottom corners by folding side seam down to the center line of the bottom fold and mark a 1-1/2" line across the triangle. Repeat on other side and sew along both lines.
6. Turn bag right side out, turn the top edge to the inside 1" and tack in place.
7. Weave end of jute in and out of the burlap trim. Place the bottle inside, pull the jute tight around bottle neck and tie a bow.