3 DIY cleaner recipes for your spring cleaning

Tina Ersig is the founder and owner of Change Soap and The Greener Cleaner Company. She started experimenting with soap and natural ingredients when her son was having sensitive skin issues -- and her company was born!

She joined us on The Nine to show us how to make some cleaning products yourself at home. You can see her DIY tips by watching her interview in the video player above. You can also find her recipes below.

1/2 C water
Few drops of essential oils of your choosing

1 C baking soda
10-20 drops essential oils

Put them in a jar and shake! Sprinkle it on your carpet overnight and vaccum in the morning.

1 tsp castile soap
12 oz. water
2 Tbsp vinegar (optional)
10-20 drops essential oils

Tina says this is safe to use on counters, windows, mirrors and any other place around the house.

For more information on Tina's companies or to shop her products, visit www.changesoap.com and www.greenercleanermichigan.com