7 Greens' 7 tips to spice up your salad

In celebration of National Salad Month 7 Greens is offering 10% off of all salads during the month of May. They joined us in studio to give us some tips for spicing up our salads. You can get them by watching the interview in the video player, or continue reading below.

7 Greens is located at 1222 Library Street in the Z in downtown Detroit. You can get more information at www.7greens.com.

1. Switch up your base
True to their name, 7 Greens offers seven different types of greens for your salad base; arugula, baby spinach, iceberg, kale, mesclun, nappa cabbage and romaine. Mix and match or pick your favorite, each green offers different nutrients and has its own unique texture and flavor.

Not in the mood for greens? Try a grain salad! 7 Greens offers hot grain bowls that you can customize with various vegetables, proteins and sauces.

2. Pick your perfect protein
7 Greens thinks outside the protein box and has something for everyone from the devout carnivore to the vivacious vegan;prosciutto, roasted tofu, poached shrimp, local feta and baked falafel just to name a few. Beans also make a delicious plant-basedprotein source, so add a scoop of chickpeas, black beans or edamame to your salad creation, or even top with a fried egg!

3. Dress it up and get saucy
The right dressing can take a salad from ehhh to ahhhmazing and 7 Greens is known for their signature sauces. Not only do high quality salad sauces provide flavor, they also contain necessary healthy fats that help the body absorb nutrients provided by the vegetables, so don't skip the sauce!

4. Go for grains
Add hot or cold whole grains to your salad for an extra boost of energy and heartiness.  All 7 Greens salads are also served with a slice of delicious "Dinklebrot," a grainy German spelt bread.

5. Fuel with fruit
Fresh and dried fruit makes for a colorful addition to any salad. Try crunchy diced apples or chewy Michigan cherries for a sweet and sour twist.

6. Vary your veggies
Roasting veggies is a great way to add depth of flavor to your salad and experience vegetables you may not normally eat raw, such as beets and butternut squash.

Not only are pickled vegetables a prime source of probiotics and great for the gut, they add a salty, umami flavor that will take your salad to new heights. Try kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage) or pickled daikon.

7. Go nuts for nuts (and seeds)
Nuts and seeds provide extra protein, healthy fats and a delicious crunch factor. Top your salad with a sprinkle of pepitas (toasted pumpkin seeds) or chopped walnuts.