A peek inside the 'Greatest Wrestling Collection' in Detroit

If all the glory and prestige of professional wrestling could be bottled into a single home, what would it look like?

Fans would be hard-pressed to find a better example than inside Steve Morand's Detroit home - where more than 130,000 pieces of WWE and WWF memorabilia lives. For FOX 2's own Ryan Ermanni, it was almost more nostalgia than he could take. 

"Did we just become best friends?! Did we just become best friends?! I think we did!" Morand shouts after him and Ermanni finished the theme to the WWF's famed tag team Demolition.

Morand's museum isn't open to the public, yet. But he does feature some of his many items on his Instagram Greatest Wrestling Collection. To peer into the hundreds of posts it take a trip down memory lane. 

Every single personality from the classic professional wrestling era, be it Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, or Mick Foley's iconic Mr. Socko. Even the yellow hand wraps from Macho Man Randy Savage's classic uniform are just waiting to be held. 

"Ring wearing, limousine riding, Whoo, plane flying, Whoo, Whoo, watch the feet go WHOO! WHOO!" went Ermanni's rendition of Flair's classic introduction. 

Morand said he bought the home after it had been vacant for close to a decade because it was his childhood home. Scheduled for demolition, he had other plans for the home. 

It's not open to the public today, but Morand promises that one day it will be.

Find his Instagram page here