Avoiding injury from slip and falls

A Virginia man's epic wipeout was caught on camera as he slipped and fell on a sheet of ice that covered his entire driveway. 

While that video is funny and entertaining, slip and falls are serious -- especially when you get older. 

Henry Ford Macomb Hospital has seen an increase of patients the past couple of weeks, with head injuries, broken hips and other broken bones from slippery conditions. 

Dr. Jonathan Beaulac, who specializes in geriatric medicine at Henry Ford Hospital, joined us in studio to tell us how to avoid injury from slipping and falling. You can hear from him in the video player above, and get some of his tips below. 

1. Walk like a duck. Take small, slow steps with your feet pointed outward and weight evenly distributed. A wider gait creates more stability.
2. Use any assistive devices (walkers, canes) that have been prescribed.
3. Walk with someone. Hold the arm of a friend or family member.