Brown Bag Popcorn available at Plum Market to benefit S.A.Y. Detroit

S.A.Y. Detroit is partnering with Plum Market to roll out Brown Bag Popcorn.

It's more than just a bag of popcorn, though. Buying this snack helps local charities. 

A gourmet food product, Brown Bag Popcorn is available in six delicious flavors, such as Cheese Louise'' and "Caramelicious." 

You can get the popcorn beginning Tuesday, May 15 at its Bloomfield, West Bloomfield and airport locations. The popcorn will be available on Saturday, May 19 at the two Ann Arbor locations. 

Author and activist Mitch Albom joined us in studio along with Matt Jonna from Plum Market to tell us more about the initiative. You can hear from them in the video player above.