Build Your Own Meals for the Big Game

The biggest football game of the year is just a week away, and time is of the essence for anyone planning to host or participate in a super party. 

Chef Rece from Two Unique Caterers of Royal Oak stopped by the Fox2 kitchen to share some of their quick and easy tips for staging that big meal for the big game. 


Urban MYO Station

  • Mix, match and top to create your touch down food play with an Urban MYO station that will have something to please everyone from; the hungry dude, teenagers as well as the New Year's resolution peeps!
  • Set out assorted base layer, proteins and toppings options, then guests can design their own.
  • individual portion nacho. You could pop a personal nacho in the oven or just keep hot toppings ready.
  • to eat for a no oven finish. This system will also serve a MYO bowl, or taco! Overall this is More of a concept than a recipe, in the end use what you have or what interests you and your guests.

Design Concepts
The Table

  • Grab a large poster board size black board paper and use chalk marker to write names of toppings for service. Make it football themed by adding x/o plays with arrows, drawing the field, goal posts, mascots, or football messages.
  • Black or white base linen if needed.
  • Choose all the same style bowls/vessels to display your ingredients. Even inexpensive black disposable bowls would work and make for an easy cleanup.
  • Chalk board sign with a short explanation to make a bowl, nacho or taco

Accent Ideas

  • Mason jars with a stipe of white tape vertical and smaller slices portrait to create the illusion of a football "skin."
  • Water bottle wrapped in a referee stripes.
  • Astro turf coasters with field lines painted on them.
  • Fun football paper straws.
  • Football bingo using M&Ms as pieces.