Catch 22 Bistro's citrus glazed scallops

This recipe for citrus glazed scallops comes courtesy of Bill and George Andreopoulos from Catch 22 Bistro in Algonac. You can get more information on the restaurant at

Citrus glazed Scallops

6 u 10 scallops
1teaspoon clarified butter
2 oz Chablis/ Pinot grigio
Sprinkle of house seasoning
Broiled to nearly done
Glaze with 2 oz chili sauce
Caramelize under broiler

Grand Marnier sauce for 4
Zest of 1 naval orange
Juice of the same
4 oz grand Marnier
12 oz heavy sipping cream
Reduce, add grand Marnier, add heavy whipping cream reduce by 1/3

Put grand Marnier sauce on 1/2 the
Chili sauce design other 1/2 of plate
Plate scallops on sauce