Cheese Steak Institute of America at Wyandotte Restaurant Week April 2-9

Restaurant Week in Wyandotte is April 2-9. Restaurants are offering various specials and promotions throughout the week, as are some retail shops if you bring in your receipt after dining out.

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VIDEO: Greg Arnoldy from Cheese Steak Institute of America joins us on The Nine to tell us more about his restaurant, which is participating in Restaurant Week. His cheese steak recipe is below.

4 oz   Sliced Steak
2 oz   Onions Sliced
1    Slice American Cheese Sliced 120 ct
1    Sub Bun 6" or 8"
2   T Vegetable Oil
2   T Water

1. Preheat griddle to 350° F
2. Apply 1 T vegetable oil to griddle, add sliced onions and top with Royal Gold®
3. Moisten meat with remaining vegetable oil and water
4. Cook until edges turn brown. Turn onion mixture and gently break apart to disperse onions and to create a deli fluff which will add a volume appearance to the sandwich.
5. Allow to cook through.
6. Top with cheese and allow to melt. Remove from griddle and place in a submarine roll.