Chinese restaurant brings new dish to Southfield

Wing Hong restaurant has debuted a new dim sum dish in Southfield. 

They joined us on The Nine to tell us more about their food. You can hear more in the video player above, and get a dumpling recipe below. 

Dumpling recipe
Ingredients for filling:
•    Ground pork 12 ounces 
•    Peeled and Cleaned Shrimp 4 ounces
•    Nappa Cabbage 4 ounces
•    Green Cabbage 4 ounces
•    Cornstarch 1 teaspoon
•    Salt 1 teaspoon
•    Sugar 1 teaspoon

Dumpling wrapper ingredients:
(Pre-made dumpling wrappers can be bought at our local Asian Grocery Store)

•    All -purpose flour 8 ounces
•    High Gluten Flour 4 ounces
•    Water 5 ounces

Dumpling sauce ingredients:

•    Soy Sauce 5 tablespoons
•    Vinegar 1 tablespoon
•    Water 1 Tablespoon
•    Sugar 2 Tablespoons
•    Sesame oil 1 teaspoon
•    Chile oil 1 teaspoon

Dumpling wrapper instructions:

Put all of the ingredients in a mixer.
Mix and knead the dough thoroughly till firm. 
Cover the dough and let it rest for 15 minutes 

Dumpling Sauce instructions:
Mix all ingredients in a small bowl till sugar dissolves 

Dumpling filling instructions:
Dice the Nappa and Green Cabbage
Place all ingredients in a big mixing bowl and mix everything thoroughly

Making the dumpling wrappers:
Divide the dough into gumball size portion (about 10 grams) 
Dust working area and dough with flour to prevent it from sticking
Use rolling pin to roll out the dough to a disc shape to a diameter of approximately 4 inches 

Take a spoon and scoop the filling and place it in the middle of the wrapper. 
Fold the wrapper in half and pinch from edge to edge to seal the sides.

Boil a pot of water and place dumplings in. Cook dumplings till they start floating (6-8 minutes)

Heat up a skillet with 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil at medium-high heat