Cooking with rhubarb with The Union Joints Restaurant Group

Rhubarb season is upon us. The plant grows wild in a lot of yards and fields, and is great for cooking and baking. 

Jennifer Schroeder, the executive pastry chef at The Union Joints Restaurant Group joined us on The Nine to give us a rhubarb recipe. You can watch in the video player above as she prepares a rhubarb ginger galette, and get her recipe below. 

Yields 4
Galette dough:
All purpose flour        1 ¼ c
Granulated sugar        1 ½ tsp
Salt                ½ tsp
Butter (cold)            4oz
Ice water            6Tbl

1.    In a food processor mix the flour, sugar, and salt together
2.    Add the cold butter in chunks and mix till mixture resembles cornmeal
3.    Add 1T of cold water at a time while mixing until a dough ball form
4.    Wrap in plastic and refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight.
Rhubarb ginger compote
Fresh rhubarb            1#
Sugar                6oz
Butter                1/4oz
Pectin                1/4oz
Orange                 zest and juice of 1
Fresh ginger grated        ½ Tbl

Almond cream
Almond paste            8oz
Powdered sugar        ¾ c
All purpose flour        1/3 c
Almonds sliced            ¼ c
Eggs                2
1.    In a food processor mix, everything together until all combined
2.    Refrigerate until ready to use

Roll dough out to 8 "in diameter
Spread 1 ½ oz of almond cream on dough leaving 2" from the edge empty
Scoop 2 oz of rhubarb on top of almond cream
Brush sides with water and fold edges in a circular motion leaving some of the filling shown
Spray galettes and sprinkle with almonds and course sugar
Bake at 400 degrees for about 15 to 20 minutes until golden brown