Digging for Gold: Hockey autographs and jewelry

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This week's segment of Digging for Gold brings us an old photograph of Olympia Stadium with dozens of hockey players' signatures, and a couple jewelry pieces. Les and Seth Gold say gold is the hot thing right now, as its value has gone up 10 percent in the last month.

Rick from Detroit brought in his autographed photo. Les and Seth suggest he get a certificate of authenticity to make it worth more, but still say it could be worth around $200-$300.

Anna from White Lake brought in a confirmation pin that has been in the family. Les and Seth were really impressed with the cool, antique box it came in and suggest she sell it to an antique shop. They say she could probably get around $250 for it.

And lastly, Keenan from Chesterfield brought in an old wedding ring that was stamped with 14k gold. Les says their metal reader, though, says the ring is 15k gold and estimates the ring to be worth around $750.

If you have an item you've been curious about, you can submit it to be possibly features on our Digging for Gold segment. Les and Seth also suggest digging through your drawers for old pens and lighters, as those are often high-value collectibles.