Dozens of healthy food options coming to Ford Field

The Detroit Lions have teamed with the Saint Joseph Mercy Health Systems to bring some healthy food options to Ford Fireld during home games and other upcoming events at the venue. Dozens of new healthy options will soon be available.

VIDEO: Lisa McDowell, director of clinical nutrition with Saint Joseph Mercy Health System, and Chef Joe of the Detroit Lions join 'The Nine' to show us some of the new food options. Watch, also, as they prepare a high protein vegetarian salad. Recipe found below.

High Protein Vegetarian salad


4x5 tomato (1/2 inch dice)
Cucumber (peeled, 1/2 inch dice)
Tuscan Kale (de ribbed, and 1/2 inch dice)
Firm Tofu (1/4 inch dice)
Dried Cherries
White Quinoa
Corn (grilled shards)
Mesclun Mix
Mint Leaves (torn)
Chia Vinaigrette