Easy to make hydrangea wreath

Fall is just around the corner and it's time to start decorating!  Hydrangeas come in multiple colors of pink, purple, blue, white, or even green.  As they dry they become muted and pretty fall colors fo your front door.  Here is how to make an easy dried hydrangea wreath!

Cutting and drying your Hydrangea:
When cutting your hydrangea from the shrub you want to make sure they are partially dry.  If they are not dried out at all they could potentially wilt when cutting and if you leave them on the shrub to long.  The flowers can lose their color and end up drying out too much where the leaves will crumble.  So its best to cut them while the color is still vivid and has a partial crunchy feel to the petals of the hydrangea.

After you cut them you will remove all the leaves from the stem.  Place them in a vase in a cool area with about 1-2 inches of water.  The water will help slow the drying process and preserve the bloom better.  Once the water is gone, the hydrangea blooms are completed dried and will last! 

-Grapevine wreath/wire wreath
-Floral wire/twine
-Dried hydrangea blooms
-Wreath Hanger

Making your Wreath
If you are using a grapevine wreath you can cut your hydrangea stems to about 8" long and weave them through the grapevine to hold them in place. You can cut the excess stem after they are secured.

If you are using a wire wreath you can cut them around 6" long and use your floral wired and wrapped the wire around the wreath frame to secure the hydrangea.  You will repeat this process by laying the next hydrangea bloom right next to the last one.  This will eliminate any gaps between the blooms and make your hydrangea look full.

Make sure your wreath is full and even throughout and keep a nice clear center in the wreath.  If you have a few gaps you can always take smaller blooms and hot glue them to fill in the holes.  

After your hydrangea wreath is full and complete.  Now you can add ribbon or other decorative items to the wreath to finish it off.  I love drying other florals to give it a little something more!  You can do dried greenery like eucalyptus, or even fall leaves.

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