EMU's Debt Forgiveness and Community Service Program

School is officially out for summer, but college-bound students are likely in the midst of trying to save and budget for the coming school year. And for good reason, given the recent spikes in tuition rates. 

A recent LendEdu survey found that 55 percent of students struggled to find the money to pay for college and 51 percent dropped out of college because of finances. And, the dropout rate can be even higher for students who are the first in their family to attend college. 

EMU is working hard to change that. Its Debt Forgiveness program allows EMU students with previous debt to re-enroll and to complete community work throughout the semester to wipe out their tuition debt. 

Decky Alexander, director of Academic Engagement Programs under Engage @ EMU, and student Kory Woods stopped y the Fox2 News studios Saturday morning to discuss the program.