Fans 'awaken' to new Star Wars toys on Force Friday

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - For months, all they could show was a white box. 

Full of potential, full of mystery, full of hope.

But now, there has been an awakening. Have you felt it?

Since 1977, Star Wars toys have ignited imaginations of kids around the world. But since 2007, Revell – a local toy designer out of Elk Grove Billage – has designed those toys that transport us to a galaxy far, far away…

Lou Aguilera is the vice president and general manager of Revell, a 70 year old model kit company that has been a staple of our community’s collective childhood.

And Friday is a big day for them – it’s “Force Friday,” the worldwide release of all the new toys that will accompany  “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Revell landed the Lucasfilm contract 8 years ago, which means they’re the holders of some major “Star Wars” spoilers.

The company is on such secret lock down that for months, all they’ve been able to show their customers are these simple white boxes. Even FOX 32 News was under an embargo: No footage or pictures could be released until Friday.

But, luckily,  Revell employees haven’t succumbed to the power of the Dark Side. 

Though Episode VII doesn’t hit theaters for more than three months, Revell has already moved on – and they’re looking to the future.

They’re busy designing the toys that’ll accompany next year’s Star Wars film, “Rogue One.”  And with several more films on their way over the coming years, there’s no sign of stopping.

All they can hope is that the force will be with them…always.