Father's Day out with Derek and Ryan

Father's Day gifts usually come from one of the following categories: ties, grilling, or golf. For most dads, like Derek Kevra and Ryan Ermanni, golf is right up their alley.

Fatherhood and golf have a lot in common: You need a lot of practice, it helps to have a good partner, and most of the time, you have no idea what you're doing.

"Dont get me wrong, being a parent is the best thing ever but no body ever told me how hard it was, right?

Ryan and Derek are both fairly new parents. Ryan has 2-year-old Lydia and 5-month-old LUke while Derek has 8-month-old Hadley. Combined, they are two of the most sleep deprived dads at FOX 2.

So the chance to play golf AND do work? Perfect.

"Now the best way to get on the golf course is to say we have to shoot a news story on it," Derek said.

That's what I told my wife, 'I have to go shoot something with Derek,' she said oh you boys, hahaha, shes on to us!" Ryan said.

But the truth is, they were working. They played a round of golf while testing out some new golf tech. It's the Blast Motion Golf Swing Analyzer and the Tech Talk was the perfect chance for some 9-hole therapy.

While the device captured their swing metrics, they got a chance to analyze their dad skills.

R: "She cant say the letter v, so it comes out, 'Daddy I lobba you, I lobba you daddy', and it's the cutest thing in the world," Ryan said.

D: "So you get 3 hours of sleep, well four, ok you get four hours of sleep but you get I lobba you, I mean there's nothing better."

D: "Everyone says it happens in the blink of an eye, and it kinda does. The days feel long, but the 8 months has gone by fast."

R: "Theres no doubt about it. I have full blown conversations with Lydia now. I feel like she was just born, she was, now shes 2 going on 12."

Our follow-through angle may have been off a bit, but we lined up perfectly on infant attire: zippers whenever possible.

Pro tip: being a dad is a lot like golf; it's hard, but as long as you're lined up straight, you'll be fine.

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